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    Aibee is a pioneer in the application of AI to smart tourism.  With its partner, SEND, Aibee has developed the “Holistic Smart Tourism” AI Solution. This holistic tourism ecosystem enriches online and offline data to enhance the experience of tourists through information intelligence and convenience while boosting secondary consumption, generating revenue for both tourist sites and their surrounding communities and businesses. This AI-driven technology has been implanted in more than 150 popular scenic and tourism spots including the Huangguoshu National Park.

    Aibee Holistic Smart Tourism Application

  • Yungang Grottoes

  • Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall

  • China Dinosaur Park

  • Leshan Giant Buddha

  • Jiayuguan Pass

  • Jiuzhaigou

  • Panjin Red Seashore

  • Terracotta Army

  • Beijing WTown

  • Harbin Ice and Snow World

  • West Lake

  • Sanxingdui Museum

  • Mount Huangshan

  • Mount langya

  • Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

  • Changchun Manchukuo Palace

  • Mount Hua

  • Wuzhizhou Island

  • Mount Putuo gate

  • Erzina desert poplar forest

  • Kanas

  • Yangjialing-Site of the former offices of the CCP Central Committee

  • Lingshan Town·Nianhua Bay

  • Wuxi Mey Blossom Garden

  • Lijiang's eternal love

  • Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Centre

  • Maiji Mountain

  • Date Garden-Site of the former CCP Secretariat

  • Tianmu Lake

  • Black Valley

  • God immortal home 

  • Pagoda Mountain

  • SiMian Mountain

  • Xidi Anhui

  • Xikou, Fenghua

  • Tenglong Cave

  • Hanging Temple

  • Wuxi Liyuan

  • Wugong Mountain

  • Hukou Waterfalls

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